The story below, written by Terence McKenna, appeared in parts on his old website, it has never been finished, I think this is all there is out there. 



Our Web of Eros - by Terence McKenna

Madame Thelveeta replaced her tea cup upon its saucer with a sharp click. She turned then to Vicky and took her ungloved hands in hers.

"Dear Vicky" spoke she, "It is time that we spoke more frankly than perhaps we have ever dared."

She paused and cleared her throat, glancing for the strength to continue at the animatronic vagina heaving slightly in the decor.

"I had thought it best to speak to you of these things myself. Rather than let it fall to the rough ways of the world to inform you. For in fact Vicky, the ways of men and woman can never be the same since the coming of the web. It entangles and invites us in the same unspeakable way that the untamed mind beguiles and entices us."

She paused and composed herself, gazing into the middle distance.

"As you know the Telecommunications Decency Act of 1996, recently passed by the craven halfwits in the American Congress, makes the mere mention of life's tenderer mysteries, let alone one's more tender body parts, a crime. Yes, dear Vicky, braying neo-Fascist religious squirrels, on a crusade to save us from ouselves, have sought to destroy freedom on the Internet and the First amendment right of free speech all in one kamikaze orgy of Neanderthal recidivism."

Victoria's young eyes widened as she appreciated the import of her mentors words.

"We have have come to a place where our technology is dissolving the notion of what our bodies might be or to whom they belong. Our sexual self images need no longer belong to the marketplace, that was the stuff of the linear mind, dear Vicky. Not at all the sort of people that we have become."

But at this thought Madame Theeveta lost her way. How non-linear to loose the thread of thought. Instead she saw before her, her father, dressed for a winter evening. His propinquity for lycanthropy had caused a stir in the remote district where she has been raised as a child. The servants had feared him but to her he had seemed maddeningly mundane.

"Collage" she heard herself say. "Collage" is the only innovation that the 20th century has brought to art. Film. That was all 19th century. But collage--it was the Dadaists who first tore up rail tickets and advertisements"

And then cut outs, cut aways, cut ups. All leading to the cacophony of thought and media now heating her quiff...

Her young companion's clueless face brought her back to the immediacy of the moment. To the business of media expositon and seduction.

You, Vicky, shall have me." she muttered sotto voce, moving in a rustling cloud of dark blue silk. "You shall have my very ass."

"The old media, dear Vicky, made erotic imagery a commodity, to be watered down and sold to suckers. Make no mistake about it. The freedom of the Internet is a threat to the old print head game: "make something nasty, then raise the price."

Encouraged by the rapt attention of her listener, Madame T. continued: "The proper response to the knownothingism of the yahoos who seek to strangle the Net is not a blackened web page. Far from it! Such limp wristed gestures only encourage the beast. Rather I wish to see every website in the net posting at least one sexually explicit image or bit of text. Let fifty million erotic flowers bloom under the blue noses of hysterical Puritans who would whore the Constitution to the agenda of the extra chromosome right wing!"

Her words had reached a veritable crescendo. Eyes blazing she spoke now, not to her attentive young charge but to the ages.

"Eros is best served by erotica when it is free. Eros is best served when erotica is made art. Eros is best served when erotica arouses and outrages, when it transcends culture."

The print created Renaissance personality arose at the focus of pictorial space. This flickering egoic flame then created the body dis-interested space of rationalism and interchangeable parts, and in so doing savagely marginalized the erotic impulses of Western culture. The cult of "badness" arose with its connotations of dualism at every level. The bestial nature of men, the perfected nature of women, conversely the nobleness of men and the veniality of woman, the goodness of the controlled, literate upper classes and the wontonness of the lower classes. Tolerated too was the notion of the sensual, dusky foreigner or servant always assumed to be inferior to the controlled and controlling demeanour of the white ruling class.

To be continued...